What are veneers?

A veneer is a ceramic or resin shell that usually fits only on the outer surface of a tooth. Veneers can change the color and/or the shape (and, to a lesser extent, the function) of anterior teeth. Veneers are usually done in high-visibility areas and may be done for primarily cosmetic reasons, but malformed or badly stained teeth may also be corrected through veneers.

Oftentimes, multiple veneers are planned simultaneously so that the teeth appear more natural. Only applying one veneer to a front tooth can make shade matching difficult.

How are veneers done?

Typically, veneers are done by applying local anesthetic around the teeth to be treated, followed by preparing space for the veneer. In certain situations, this can be avoided and the veneers can be bonded straight to the outside of the tooth. After preparation, an impression is taken and a temporary covering is made for the teeth, while the veneers are made at a lab. At a second appointment, the temporary coverings are removed and the veneers are cemented in place.

Veneers aren’t right for everybody. If you have issues with your bite or jaw, veneers might not be a good fit. Also, some teeth would be better served with full crowns. If either of those apply to your case, we’ll let you know.

You will be given a sheet describing the proposed treatment, the benefits, risks, and alternatives, at your appointment. Feel free to ask questions at your appointment as we’ll be happy to further discuss your treatment.

If you would like more information on veneers, contact us today at 318-869-2535.

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